About NCP



  • NCP invests in high growth, middle market operating companies throughout the South
  • NCP provides a platform to effectively reach difficult to access target markets utilizing complementary channels:
    • Direct Portfolio Company Investments
    • Co-Investments
    • Secondary Investments Opportunities
    • Primary Fund Investments
  • Firm is led by Larry Mock, a Founder of NCP, and Dennis Lockhart, former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Over the past 30 years, NCP and its predecessor firms have invested nearly $2 billion in private equity into 157 companies and 70 funds
  • Realized returns over multiple business cycles demonstrates consistent performance



  • NCP was established in 2006 in partnership with Goldman Sachs to purchase a Secondary (NCP I), consisting of 34 companies formerly owned by Mellon Ventures
  • Invested capital through a primary fund (NCP II) in a control position in 7 middle market operating companies
  • NCP will continue to focus on middle market operating companies throughout the South with particular emphasis on financial services, business services, telecommunications, and infrastructure
  • NCP is an Atlanta-based Registered Investment Advisor, SEC compliant with 10 years of audited statements

Team Leadership


Larry Mock

  • Managing Partner of NCP (2006 to present)
  • Founder, President and CEO of Mellon Ventures in partnership with Mellon Financial Corporation (1996-2006)
  • Founder, President and CEO of River Capital Partners, the Southeast's first private equity firm (1983-1995)


Dennis Lockhart

  • Former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (2007-2017)
  • Chairman of the Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (2002-2007)
    • Sponsor of emerging markets PE and venture capital funds
  • Managing partner of Zephyr Management LP (2001-2003)
  • President of Heller International Group/EVP Heller Financial Inc. (1988-2001)
    • Oversaw an international fund investment program, a direct investment initiative in Europe, and participated in the investment committee deciding fund and direct investments in the U.S.

Track Record


  • NCP has 10 years' experience managing 41 portfolio company investments with approximately $340 million invested
  • While at Mellon Ventures, the NCP team invested $274 million in 30 operating companies
  • Additionally, while at Mellon, created and managed $400 MM allocation to 70 funds and broader team invested $700 MM
  • While at River Capital, invested $74 million in 10 companies utilizing both sub-debt and equity
  • Consistent returns, across multiple product lines over many economic cycles
    • At NCP, 34 realized sales generated 2.8X and 28% Gross IRR, remaining 7 carried at cost*
    • At Mellon Ventures, 30 realized sales generated 2.3X and 17% Gross IRR*
    • At River Capital, 10 realized sales generated 1.7X and 28% Gross IRR (38% in equity alone)*


For further information, please contact Larry Mock at lmock@navigationcapital.com (404-583-0425)

*Performance shown is gross of fees. Results do not reflect the deduction of management fees or carried interest due to multiple fee structures for investors.