We partner and invest with extraordinary CEOs

to launch companies into the public market

Our Portfolio

Shelter Acquisition Corp.
D and Z Media Acquisition Corp.

Navigation Capital Partners

created the SPAC Operations Group to accelerate and simplify every stage of the SPAC life cycle


Utilize our relationships to increase the likelihood of SPAC success


Leverage our SPAC experience to shepherd extraordinary CEOs through the SPAC process

SPAC-in-a-Box Operating System

We’ve partnered with the NYSE to create standard templates for a quicker, easier, and more efficient SPAC process

Get to Know Us

Darrell J. Mays

Managing Partner

Lawrence Mock

Managing Partner

David Panton

Managing Partner

Robert Willis

Managing Partner

Navigation’s Commitment to Diversity

Minority Ownership

We are certified as minority-owned by the National Association of Investment Companies


We’re committed to promoting diverse leadership on public company boards and executive teams through our SPAC portfolio


We’ve engaged strategic partnerships with minority-owned banks

Leveraged-buyouts transformed the M&A marketplace and created the Private Equity industry

SPACs are transforming the IPO market because they are quicker, cheaper, and provide greater certainty than traditional IPOs