Private Equity Investments

At Navigation Capital Partners (NCP), we transformed small, high growth companies into medium ones, and generally sold them to larger Private Equity groups to take them to the next level. As a result, NCP has considerable experience managing IPO-ready companies

History and Track Record



Navigation Capital was established in 2006 as the successor to Mellon Ventures, which the Principals of Navigation Capital founded in 1996. Navigation Capital purchased the remaining 34 companies of a 136 company portfolio (NCP I) and then founded a new partnership (NCP II) to continue to invest in high growth, technology-enabled operating companies. Of the 143 companies funded by Mellon Ventures and Navigation Capital, 138 have been successfully exited.

While at Mellon Ventures, the NCP team invested $274 million in 30 operating companies. Additionally, while at Mellon, created and managed $400 million allocation to 70 funds and broader team invested $700 million

Recognizing significant opportunity in SPACs, the team at Navigation created the SPAC Operations Group to leverage their experience, network, and track record to identify and partner with successful CEOs to launch SPACs

Darrell J. Mays

Managing Partner

Lawrence Mock

Managing Partner

David Panton

Managing Partner

Robert Willis

Managing Partner

Alexander Candee

Vice President, Capital Markets

Ronald Coombs

Chief Financial Officer

Graham McGonigal

Special Advisor

Ryan Peters

Vice President

Gayle Suggs

Office Manager

NCP I & II Exits

Technical Innovation
Computex Technology Solutions
Five Star Food Service
Pecora Corporation
National Diversified Sales, Inc.
WS Packaging
Physicians Endoscopy
Leeann Chin, Inc.
First Equity Card Corp.
Princeton eCom
Wall Street on Demand